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Emergency Health Care Procedure


The Learning Zone will try to contact the parents of a child involved in an emergency situation. If the parents cannot be reached, the parent’s designated back-up will be contacted to accompany the child to emergency health care. If no one can be reached, the center will call an ambulance and a teacher will accompany the child and stay with the child at the hospital until the parents arrive. Authorization and consent forms, as well as the child’s enrollment folder, will be brought with them.


The Learning Zone does not have a separate area for caring for sick children. A child who is too sick to remain at the center will stay in the office with a teacher until the parent arrives. The parent or other authorized person must come to pick up the child immediately! If on more than one occasion a parent does not pick up immediately, the child’s enrollment will be terminated. The Learning Zone will care for mildly ill children who are not contagious and/or on prescription medication for 24 hours.




Phone (617) 489-1161

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