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Daily Necessities


The Learning Zone will provide toddlers and preschoolers with two snacks a day, with juice, and a mat for nap time.

Daily Necessities

The following items must be brought from home and are to be kept at the center:

  1. A complete change of clothes.

  2. Diapers, wipes, etc.

  3. A blanket.

  4. Three sippie cups full of milk and/or juice.

When it becomes necessary to take these items home for any reason, please replace them the next day.

Morning arrival

  1. Help your child with their personal belongings.

  2. Accompany your child to the appropriate classroom/function room.

  3. Discuss any new situations with the classroom teacher (feel free to call them).

  4. Say goodbye to your child even if separation is difficult. It is easier for a child to say goodbye and work through it than be surprised later.


Due to severe Peanut allergies we ask that parents refrain from bringing in any peanut products – Thank you.


Give us a call:(617) 489-1161

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