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Behavior Management


  1. We set clear and simple limits.

  2. We allow a child involved in a temper tantrum to do so, free from objects or obstacles that may harm them, without physical intervention from a teacher. A teacher or staff member will remain close by and continue to talk to the child in a calm and soothing manner until the tantrum has passed.

  3. We are aware of our body language, facial expression, and tone.

  4. We are kind, yet firm in upholding the rules of the center.

  5. We recognize children’s feelings and stress the use of words, to work out conflicts, and model different responses for the children.

  6. We praise and model appropriate behavior.

  7. We give children choices between different appropriate behaviors.

  8. We divert or distract inappropriate behavior.

  9. We offer one-on-one assistance to a child having a problem.

  10. We start all activities by reviewing the rules.

  11. We remove a child when necessary and quietly discuss what they must do in order to return.

  12. We give “time out” when necessary. The time will not exceed 1 minute per year of the child’s age for a maximum of 4 minutes.


The Learning Zone follows the professional standards of behavior management, which includes the following restrictions:

  1. No corporal punishment.

  2. No cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, or verbal abuse.

  3. No denial of food for punishment.

  4. No punishment for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet.


Give us a call:(617) 489-1161

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